i am becoming

more than superstition,

i am legend

this is my legacy

crying because caroline dhavernas is so tiny and beautiful i just want to stick her in my pocket and love her forever


I want Preller to become official, but not glaring sex, just the sudden appearence of lunch in the fridge that Price has made Zeller with cute little notes signed with cartoon bees and a desperately confused Jack.

Anonymous said:
If you don't mind my asking, how are you meeting Mads? It seems like an amazingly unique opportunity!

because mads is going to be attending monster-mania in new jersey. i think it’s amazing of him that he cares enough about his fans to go to a rinky dink con like that. if all works out well, i’ll be giving away an autographed photo or something to one of you lucky people.

i get to meet mads mikkelsen in a few weeks. i’m saving my tears for him.

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